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terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2016

Lesbian kiss in the Olympics 2016.

The Brazilian rugby is spoken for by volunteer award during Olympics
Izzy Cerullo and Marjorie Enya kissed and celebrated marriage in the delivery of mode medals in Deodoro.

The delivery of the medals in the women's rugby 7 's podium awarded Australia , champions after beating New Zealand. However , the strongest scene late on Monday at Deodoro Stadium took place in front of the stands - and had nothing to do with the champions . In the field, a player of the national team and a voluntary celebrated love.

Marjorie Enya , a volunteer who works as the rugby competitions service manager , took the Brazilian team attended the delivery of medals and after the ceremony , took the microphone and asked Isadora Cerullo , Izzy , in marriage - the two are together for two years. The request was accepted kissing , with teammates and fans in the stands cheering gesture .

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